About Us

Vermont Women in Law Enforcement has been organized and formed for the purpose of engaging in activities designed to support and enhance opportunities for the networking and professional development of its members.  Our goal is to expand and improve a network of law enforcement professionals, enhance learning opportunities for those employed by law enforcement organizations, build the qualities of leadership and professionalism, support for law enforcement through education, and advancement of the profession.

The purpose and objectives of Vermont Women in Law Enforcement are:

  • To promote professionalism
  • To support the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in law enforcement
  • To foster cooperation and coordination of activities among law enforcement agencies throughout the State
  • To strengthen the contributions of women in the field of law enforcement in the state
  • To mentor officers and prospective officers in the field of law enforcement
  • To provide a forum for discussion as a means to attain the above objectives

BRIDGE – Provide a mechanism of advocacy and support for our members and their organizations. Strengthen our network of professionals who can be used as resources for sharpening skills and building essential knowledge.

MENTOR – Create a program for continued mentoring of prospective and current women in Law Enforcement.

GUIDE – Encourage our members to become strong and effective leaders, and exercise integrity through the practice of ethics and a commitment to excellence.

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